BAGGY TROUSERS - Madness Tribute Band

In March 2017 seven Brisbane-based musicians got together to form a Madness Tribute band known as ’Baggy Trousers’ (named after the famous Madness song). The band comprises Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Singer, Alto Sax and Tenor/Baritone Sax.

Baggy Trousers Madness Tribute Band have been in rehearsals for a long period at Neon Studios in Brisbane and have already built up an impressive repertoire of Madness songs that have a tight and fun, upbeat sound. The band are continuing to add other Madness songs to the list with the aim of having feel good, party time, upbeat songs that they will play in the pub/club tribute band circuit and corporate gigs.

As far as possible Baggy Trousers aim to create the sound, mannerisms, dress and look of Madness live shows. Their first real gig at Club Greenslopes in October 2017 was a massive hit that had their audience dancing and having fun all night to the catchy, viby Madness sound.

This is a unique tribute band for the Southern Queensland and Northern NSW area and with their audiences’ and supporters’ help they are striving to become a highly sought-after act in the local music scene, so they can spread the Madness to those who remember and those newly discovering the ‘nutty’ sound.

ROB //vocals + antics (suggs)

Way back in 1980 when Rob was barely old enough to drink in pubs he used to frequent places like the Hope and Anchor in Islington to watch a band called Madness who had a new and infectious sound that had their audiences dancing along with them.  Rob would sing along to Madness songs playing on the radio as they evolved to a mix of fun yet poignant songs, full of social comment and reference to Rob’s early stamping grounds in London. 

Rob is primarily a drummer and has played many styles in many cover bands over the years in that role.  Drummers rarely get to pick the songs, and few others were playing Madness songs, so Rob started this project in early 2017 to create a Madness tribute band that is unique in this part of Australia. 

Rob has followed the ‘Phil Collins’ example by coming out from behind the drum kit to now being out front singing the songs.  Rob feels very fortunate to have found a group of such talented musicians in the ‘Baggy Trousers’ line up who share his vision and are striving daily to take the band forward to become a sought-after act in the Queensland entertainment scene; without them this whole show would not be possible.

SIMON // bass + vocals (bedders)

Simon hails from the UK and has been playing bass for over 30 years.

During that time he has played in various bands in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, and has been fortunate to open for rock bands Faith No More, Gun, The Screaming Jets, and The Radiators.

ADRIENNE // keyboards + vocals (monsieur/madame barso)

Adrienne, the keyboard player (and band audiologist) is best known across Brisbane for a successful partying career covering live music, night clubs, festivals, and  holding her own dance parties.

In recent years,  Adrienne skilfully transitioned from the dance floor to playing music in alternative 80’s and 90’s garage bands. Now she is thrilled to be in the excellent company of Baggy Trousers, immersing herself in the brilliant music and song writing  of Madness, where she can finally play music and dance all at the same time.

PAUL // guitar + vocals (chrissy boy)

Paul has gigged in bands since his high school days. He has worked and performed in bands, duos and as a solo musician/entertainer in venues in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia and is now thoroughly enjoying being part of the Baggy Trousers Madness Experience tribute band.

ALEXIS // drums (woody)

Alexis hails from the south of France and provides the magnifique drum and percussion sounds that, along with Simon’s bass, form the solid foundation of the band.

Alexis confesses to being a Ska-aholic. He played professionally for 10 years across France playing various styles of music with bands such as Les Shatawaris, The Bionic Orchestra, Roxskamabouls, BlackApple and Inkonima. Whether improvised street gigs or sharing the main stage with big names such as Dub inc, The Skatalites and The Stevo’s Teen, Alexis has lots of happy memories of his pro years and will hopefully be making plenty more memories with Baggy Trousers.

GLEN // alto sax (chas smash)

Glen is a jazz enthusiast with the soul of a rock chick. She studied classical piano in her youth but yearned for the adrenaline of loud live music.

Since switching to saxophone many years ago she has played in numerous jazz, soul, funk, rock and blues outfits in Australia and the USA.

Glen is delighted to be sharing the madness with the Baggy Trousers gang.

KEN //tenor + baritone sax (kix​)

Unaccomplished hack whose professional career started age 14 supporting performers such as Ricky May and Kate Cebrano.  Radio commercials, wedding bands and cocktail bar jazz followed, along with a string of punk-inspired new wave alt-country outfits known only to the cognoscenti of the Hobart underground music scene.

Ken has come out of retirement to once again menace and delight audiences with his generic 80s sax stylings.

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